Modernizing the Brand, Boosting Leads: The Story of Masters Title and Escrow

Introducing Masters

Masters Title and Escrow provides title and escrow services for real estate transactions in multiple states, including the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

The Problem(s)

x Lack of brand identity, outdated style.

  • Difficulty generating sales and inbound leads
  • Outdated website design and functionality
  • Poor user experience on the website
  • Low website traffic and engagement
  • Lack of effective digital marketing strategy
  • Inconsistent or ineffective messaging and branding
  • Difficulty standing out in a competitive industry
  • Inadequate tracking and analysis of website and marketing performance
  • Limited budget and resources for marketing and website improvements.

The Goal

Our goal was to increase sales and generate more inbound leads for the client by modernizing their branding and enhancing their visibility through targeted digital marketing efforts. We successfully attracted more inbound leads than they had previously and helped position Masters Title and Escrow as a trusted and reputable brand in their industry.

Redesigning Masters:
Our Modernization Strategy

The original layout was modular and the client was ready for a clean, modern design.
We refreshed the website by:

The previous Masters Title and Escrow website was unclear in its purpose, lacked modernization, and had ineffective writing/copy that failed to convey the benefits of working with the company. As a result, the site failed to generate the leads and sales needed for business growth.

The redesigned Masters Title and Escrow website was much more user-friendly and visually appealing, with effective writing/copy that communicated the company’s benefits. This resulted in more leads and sales, and helped the company achieve their desired outcomes.

We used a clean and professional photo style for Masters Title and Escrow, primarily featuring architectural and real estate-based photos. The style is minimalistic and aligns well with the company’s overall branding and the real estate industry’s aesthetics.

icons & Animations
Customized icons and animations on the Masters Title and Escrow website enhanced the user experience and made the site engaging and visually appealing. This helped differentiate the brand from its competitors and led to increased user engagement and higher conversion rates.

information where it matters
We strategically placed the relevant information on the Masters Title and Escrow website, using proven design techniques to create a user-friendly experience that enabled easy navigation and access to the information users needed.

Final Result

We modernized Masters Title and Escrow’s brand and website with fresh design, updated copy, and strategic information placement.

The result is a professional and user-friendly website that accurately conveys the client’s services. We also utilized Google Ads to drive inbound leads and implemented a content strategy to improve organic search rankings and attract potential customers through informative blog posts.

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